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Rum Baba Cafe is your happy eclectic home away from home, located in up-and-coming Amsterdam-Oost. Just a few doors over in our Bakery & Roastery, you can watch Jeroen roast your coffee to perfection and see our bakers hard at work to bring you delicious American style cakes and bakes.

Come over to enjoy a great coffee, or choose from our wide range of Monkey Chief Tea specialty teas that we import directly from China, to go with your lunch or sweet bake.

Open every day from 08:00-18:00 on Monday-Friday, and from 09:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Pretoriusstraat 33, Amsterdam-Oost.

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Order online from our selection of quality fresh roasted coffee and delicious cakes and bakes, and bring the flavor of Rum Baba into your daily routine.

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Espresso 2
Americano 2.5
Filter (pour-over) 3.2
Flat White 3.2
Cortado 2.7
Cappuccino 2.7
Latte 2.7
Latte XL 3.5
Xtra Shot 0.5
Xtra Milk 0.5

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate
Tony's Chocolonely 2.5
With real chocolate 3
Chai Latte 3
Matcha Latte 3.2
Milk Tea (thee verkeerd) 3

Juice & Soda

Water Sparkling 2.5
Kids limo 1.5
Jus d'Orange 3
Red Fruits Juice 3
Apple Juice/Pear Juice 2.5
Lemonade 3


Yogurt 4.75
with homemade granola & fresh fruit

Toasted Cornbread 3.5
with crème fraîche

Toasted Banana Bread 3.25
with butter

with jam & butter 2.25
with cheese 2.5

Scone 3
with jam & cream


Farmhouse Cheese 5
organic semi-mature cheese & tomato

Avocado (vegan) 6
with tomato and tomato tapenade by Olives & More


Mozzarella 6
buffalo mozzarella with pesto by Olives & More & tomato

Cheese & Chorizo 5.5
organic semi-mature cheese with ibérico-chorizo

Vegan 5.5
Hummus, tomato tapenade & roasted eggplant

Cake & Sweet Stuff

Drop by the cafe or the bakery to check out our current selection of delicious seasonal cakes, bakes and other sweet stuff!

Monkey Chief Tea

Come by our cafe to enjoy a proper cup of carefully prepared specialty tea by Monkey Chief Tea, and browse our small selection of quality Japanese tea gear. All our teas are also available for purchase at the cafe or the bakery.

White Tea

White Peony
(Bai Mu Dan) Classic white tea from China. A fresh floral aroma with a sweet lingering aftertaste. This tea is chock-full of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Rare white tea from Malawi, made from the stems of the tea shoots. Delicate lychee and apricot aroma with a velvety sweetness.

Green Tea

Mist & Cloud
Crisp thirstquenching green tea from the Huangshang Mountains with a sweet floral aftertaste.

Oolong Tea

Golden Osmanthus
(Light oxidised) Rich complex oolong tea with a green appearance and taste, with hints of osmanthus flower.

Wuyi Rock
Qi Lan (dark oxidised) Medium roasted tea from the Wuyi Mountains. Mellow thick taste with notes of orchids and stone fruits.

Black Tea

Yunnan Black Needle
(Spring harvest) Dark oxidised tea with a honey nectar aroma and sweetness.

Black Blossom
(2nd Flush darjeeling) A very smooth full-bodied, dark oxidised tea. Nutty with warm floral notes.

Puerh Tea

Sheng Cha/Raw
Zi Ya, Wild Purple Bud 2012, Jingmai Mountain. Strong complex taste with mellow floral notes. A tea with a long lasting aftertaste and full of antioxidants and catechins.

Shu Cha/Ripe
1990's Wild Arbor, Produced in 1995 in Menghai from the leaves of ancient arbor trees. A very smooth, complex and fragrant aged tea.


Jasmin Green Tea
Delicate green tea 'naturally' infused with freshly picked jasmin flowers.

Ginseng Oolong
Light oxidised oolong tea blended with ground ginseng root powder. A 'pick-me-up' infusion with mellow floral notes and a lingering sweetness.


Verbena Blend
Verbena with chrysanthemum flower.

Lavender Blend
Darjeeling tea with lavender flower.

Red Chai
Rooibos spiced with cinnamon, star anise, rose pepper, ginger, cardamom and clove.

Rum Baba is a trademark of Monkey Chief Tea, Pretoriusstraat 33H, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. M: T: 020 754 2281. KvK 63491990, Btw-number NL855258986B01

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