All our coffees are specialty grade which according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) means it has received a grading of 80 points or higher on a 100 points quality grading system (the coffees we do select are commonly within the 84 points to 90 points-which are exceptional coffees- range).

  • We select our green coffee based on cup taste/character, amount of defects and transparancy of the trade
  • Most likely we are selecting coffee from the Arabica variety. Within the Arabica family there are all different kind of sub-varities with different growing and taste characteristics
  • We select our coffees on a seasonal base. Different origins around the world show different harvest seasons. Some of the coffees we contract in larger quantities to be able to roast that specific coffee for the whole upcoming year. Other coffees we purchase in smaller volume only being able to roast it for a limit period
  • Green coffee (raw produce) has a limited shelf life. We determine freshness/shelflife of each green coffee we buy specifically
  • Roasting coffee at Rum Baba is a precise and man-operated job, manual work with help of digital technology. Our production of Roasted coffee is analysed during our weekly QC (quality check) for consistency and cup quality



Transparancy is one of the core elements of our green coffee buying. We follow a transparant direct buying model in which we work together with trusted import partners, export partners at origin and directly with farmers/Coops. Within the chain of coffee trade we know the value distribution of our coffee buying, and paying a substantially higher price then avarage for our green coffee. The trade between farmer and Rum Baba needs to be substantially beneficial for both. A high green coffee price needs to be validated by specific quality requirements. As a relativly young company Rum Baba builds up new relationsships with producers and others within the coffee trade chain, we strive for long term partnerships



Rum Baba coffeeroasters is not an (organic) certified company, but we aim for high sustainable standards when selecting green coffee. The farmers vision on production methods play an important role in our decision making of green coffee buying. Key elements of review are the use of water, pesticides, type of fertilizers, shade trees and flora/fauna at the farm. Send us a message at info@rumbaba.nl if you like to know more about certification in coffee, sustainability and our approach at Rum Baba Coffeeroasters



You have the choice to order either whole beans or ground coffee online. For the best results we recommend ordering whole beans and grinding fresh for each brewing (espresso or filter). Reach out to us for purchase advise of a grinder.

When choosing for ground coffee our options are as follow:

  • Coarse (hand brewing; French Press, Pourover, Aeropress)
  • Medium Coarse (automatic drip)
  • Medium Fine (Bialetti/Stove top)
  • Fine (basic home espresso machines)
  • Extra Fine (espresso machines)

Bare in mind these are general grind settings. For more precise (espresso) brewing we advise investing in a grinder at home. The grind setting determines for an important part the extraction (and taste) of your brew. Please reach out to us for advise on brewing vs grind setting.

** Specific grind requests can be taken with limitations in mind



We do offer decaffeinated coffee roasted for filter and roasted for espresso brewing. We select green beans which are decaffeinated by Swiss Water processing or Co2 decaf processing. Both processing techniques cause minimal impact on the environment and maintain the quality of the green bean (raw produce) as best possible. Have a look here for our current offering decaf filter roast or decaf espresso roast



We strongly recommend resting your (espresso roast) coffee for at least 5/7 days after roast date. Filter roast coffee you can start brewing close to roast date.

  • As a general rule; when sealed off, your coffee will keep fresh up to 40 days after roasting with the peak around two -three weeks
  • Whole beans preserve aroma's better then ground coffee
  • You can 'lock' the peak of freshness by freezing the beans. Pre-portion coffee beforehand, and avoid taking beans in-out-in freezer