Cornbread (whole loaf)
Cranberry Cake (whole loaf)
Red Velvet Cake (14 pieces)
Carrot cake (12 pieces)
Scone (1 piece)

Scone (1 piece)

€ 1.25

Lemon Drizzle Cake (whole loaf)
Pear Almond Pie (12 taartpunten)
Chocolate Stout beer cake
Forest Fruit Pie (12 pieces)
Banana Bread (whole loaf)
Apricot Spelt Bar (1 piece)


Rum Baba Bakery satisfies your craving for delicious and unabashedly indulgent American-style cakes, bakes and pies.

We bake universally loved classics like a proper Mississippi Mud Pie and a comforting Lemon Drizzle Cake, as well as a few tasty savories. But we also cater to health-conscious sweet tooths, providing vegan options such as our protein-packed Choco Coco Bar. We take great care sourcing our ingredients sustainably and locally where possible.

Pick up a tasty treat, or come over at the cafe to enjoy your bake with a great cup of coffee!

Rum Baba Café: Pretoriusstraat 33, East Amsterdam. 

Rum Baba Coffeeroasters (Bakery/ Roastery): Pretoriusstraat 15