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Rum Baba Beanie

Rum Baba Beanie

€ 10.00

Rum Baba Porcelain Filter Mug
V60 Ceramic (Hario)


Rum Baba is a small roastery, dedicated to bringing you seriously good fresh roasted coffee. We have an unbuttoned attitude towards coffee, while always striving to deliver maximum pleasure. We take great care in roasting our coffees for all preferred brewing methods. We focus on their characteristics and origins, while seeking the right flavor balance.

Drop by our roastery/bakery to sit down for a hot cup of freshly roasted beans, while you watch our friendly team prepare your daily essentials. Also find our coffees at selected bars and restaurants around (and out of) town. Feel like mingling? Have your cup at our cafe!

Rum Baba Café: Pretoriusstraat 33, East Amsterdam. 

Rum Baba Coffeeroasters (Bakery/ Roastery): Pretoriusstraat 15