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Cherry, lemon peel, prune juice, tropical fruit, clean cup.

Locale Brucelas Village, Buesaco, Nariño dep.
Farm(er) Marleny Lasso, Los Idolos Farm
Crop 2019
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Processing Washed


Couple Edgar and Marleny each have a part of the small farm Los Idolos. The Lot2 we have acquired, comes from Marleny's part of the Finca. Processing of the cherries is done by the husband and wife team on site, using their own 'micro beneficio' (processing unit, dryers etc). Typically small farms in Colombia are owned by a family living there and working together as producers; everyone is involved and they all work for the farm to some extent. Depending on the size of the farm they will potentially have a few laborers on their payroll throughout the year. Then during harvest season they staff up with casual workers for picking, cherry processing etc. Finca Los Idolos is located in Nariño province in the far south-west of Colombia, bordering Ecuador, Nariño is in general one of the most challenging, but also one most interesting when it comes to coffee. It has extremely high elevation, coffee grows up to 2200 meters, on very steep hillsides, and mainly tiny farms in very remote areas. In contrast to other regions in Colombia they can have extremely dry conditions during the harvest time, and humidity in the area can be low. This together with really high altitudes definitely affects the flavour profiles and make them different from any other Colombian coffees.

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