• Filter Rwanda Kayumbu

Pineapple fruit punch, juicy, bold flavor.

Locale Kamonyi distr. Southern province
Farm(er) Smallholders  Kayumbu washing station
Variety Bourbon
Processing Natural (microlot)


Rwanda, known as the Land of a Thousand Hills. With its high-altitude and nitrogen-rich volcanic soil, it provides ample opportunity to produce world class coffee. This lot we have selected is particularly rare. Rwanda is not well-known for its Naturally processed coffees. Since the late 1990's Wet processing specifically has generally been adopted to achieve higher quality. However it has become apparent that when done with a lot of care and attention, Natural processing can result in coffee of great and unique quality. This lot is the perfect example of that with its fruity, almost boozy character but remaining clean and sweet, without a trace of over fermentation. 

Filter Rwanda Kayumbu

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