• Filter Kenya Kangocho 200gr

Crisp, red grape, cherry, juicy body.

Locale Karatina, Nyeri County
Farm(er) Gikando Farmers Cooperative Soc,
Kangocho factory
Variety SL28/34  AA+ Lot 65
Processing Wet Processed
Amount 200gr


When we think of Kenya, our coffee hearts start beating faster. The different growing regions within Kenya have their own micro climates and conditions, which result in specific qualities. The varietals SL28 & SL34 might make you think of a Star Wars character, but these are the very varietals Kenya is world renowned for. Crossbreeds of the Arabica varietal selected in a laboratory in Kabete (at that time Scott Laboratories). These varietals grow in high altitude regions and are known for their great complexity. In addition, you might have noticed Kenyan coffees are specified by bean size and shape: AA, AB, PB, C etc. Classifying beans in this way helps to ensure consistency of roast throughout the whole batch, resulting in a much higher cup quality. Lot 65 from the Kangocho Factory is specifically expressive; therefore we took it to ourselves to roast it light, to highlight it's bright and sparkling complexity. A fantastic Kenya!  

Filter Kenya Kangocho 200gr

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