• Espresso Colombia El Jigual


Local:                            Pitalito, Huila
Farm(er):                      Campo Elias
Variety:                         Caturra 80% & Castillo 20%
Processing:                   Washed


We love the balanced character of this coffee. A coffee with a cheerfull aroma of tropical fruits and a pleasant acidity backed with good sweetness and a chocolaty aftertaste.

It is the second harvest we acquired a Lot from producer Campo Elias. He and his wife started their farm over 30 years ago and run it as a family business with their sons. Finca El Jigual is a relativly small farm on fertile soil near the small city of Pitalito in southern Huila. It is a typical farm with a mixture of crop, think of bananas, yucca, corn and arracacha (besides coffee!). Campo Elias is commited to his land and environment. He avoids herbicides as much as possible and adopts organic alternatives for contaminated water (after washing process) and crop diseases.


Espresso Colombia El Jigual

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