It is a perfect solution for both beginners and more experienced pour-over coffee enthusiasts. Due to its compact size, it is also a great choice as a portable grinder. It features a 38mm stainless steel burr, convenient grind adjustment and solid materials.

Burr and grinding Q2 is equipped with 38mm pentagonal, conical, stainless steel burrs and a double bearing - all that provides precise grinding and proper stabilisation. The coarseness is adjusted with a knob below the burr, which makes setting quick and easy. The dial is divided into 10 numbers with additional points inbetween, which altogether makes 30 steps per full rotation. Each step differs by 0.025mm. The capacity of the grounds container is 15-20 grams, which allows you to grind a perfect amount of coffee for one person at a time.
  Design 1Zpresso is solid and made of high-quality materials. Aluminium alloy body is sleek and durable. The inner parts and the handle are made of stainless steel. Additionally, the handle knob is made of elegant wood. The grinder is compact - its height is 13.8 cm, diameter 4.6 cm and weight 385 grams.
Use 1zpresso Q2 is recommended for pour-over and alternative brewing methods. It is perfect for the AeroPress, moka pots, drippers, Chemex, syphon, filter coffee machines, French Presses, and cold brew.

Its compact size makes it also a great travel grinder. It also fits into the AeroPress, will help you save some space when travelling.

The grinder is easy to disassemble and clean (brush is included). 

JX-Pro Coffee Grinder

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